Going Where You Look

Life is short. Don’t waste your life on something  that makes you unhappy. 

Enjoy and be contented of what you have while working for what you want, and make a difference in the world.

Never look back! What’s done was done and your mistakes make you stronger! Perhaps, there was no mistakes only lessons. 
Love, despite of the pains you’ve been through. Only love heals afterall. Remember those beautiful memories and  take the lesson from it. 
Lastly, don’t become what others want you to be. Just be yourself, be who you are!
“Keep your eyes on the road ahead. You go in the direction you look!”


Thoughts Untold by SJS

For the years that I am existing in this world, been through ups and downs, twists and turns… there are things I never failed and stopped doing… one of those it’s writing.

I write when I’m sad, when I’m happy,  when I am bothered or afraid. I write of what my heart and mind speaks which mostly I can’t express. Writing has been my outlet. Pen and paper has been my bestfriends.

I started this blog atlast, to share and explore more on what’s behind OUR untold thoughts. By carelessness, I misplaced or better yet say I didn’t kept some of my writings so my friends read it and they told me it’s inspiring and it were brave thoughts.

So… I wish, through expressing my thoughts and playing with my creativity and imagination, I WILL BE ABLE TO INSPIRE others. 




There will me grammar elapses for sure, haha so please pardon me and I do accept corrections or suggestions for improvements.


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