A Letter To Him

It’s been awhile since I published something here, and so does my invitation for my fellow to send their thoughts. Here is the first I want to share: (A raw, exact message of a girl to the man she love)

Wow… is this the feeling?
As I remember, I was the one who is chased by men. They seek for my attention but I just ignored them. I don’t think I am that beautiful for them to be serious to me. All I put on my mind was they just wanted to play me. I ignored them.. pushed them away so eventually they left.
Now, I am the one who’s doing it. I am seeking your attention… trying to bring things back. 
Baby, I never asked God to meet someone like you. I already told to myself I would focus on making people around me happy. I would forget about myself ’cause I have no hope for being happy for my personal life. I love helping people but I can’t help myself. I make people smile and laugh but deep inside I was crying. I was used to hide my feelings. I am not expressive. There’s a part of me that wants to to be selfish, to think only of myself, my happiness, my dreams… but I had no guts. I am so afraid of things. 
Then I met you. I was so happy with you. I was so comfortable with you.No one cares for me as you do. I’ve never thought I could be happy as I was. You showed me the real world. You made me realized things. 
As day passed by, I begun to feel the fear again. Fear of losing you. Losing a great friend like you. I don’t want you to leave me. But I didn’t realized, for focusing too much on that thought I was pushing you away. I built my insecurities, my fear. 
Baby, I don’t want to lose a friend like you. I know how stupid I was not to value your time. I am really sorry for that. Please don’t get tired of me. Could you please stay? Don’t leave me my friend.



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