That “I THOUGHT” Struggle Is Real

Let me write about how my son Kingkong get over his minor surgery today.

When I woke up about 8:30 in the morning, I saw him dressed up. Then I heard from my aunt that they are going out. So they did. When they were back home around 12 nn, we still had some chat and eating the food they bought for us. Then I get up to prepare to go to the office and fix some papers of  my client. (Insurance related)

When I was in the bathroom, he came in to make poo poo then eventually wanted to take a bath. Until I saw him slipped on the floor, his head bumped on the toilet bowl. He started crying. (It often happens especially when he makes bubbles out of the soap) I laughed and told him to get up! He cried harder. SO I helped him then saw his blood all over his face down to his neck. He’s getting hysterical, he is afraid of blood.

I checked the wound. It’s kinda deep and wide open, right between his right eyelid and eyebrow. First thing came to my mind was to stop the bleeding. I need to stop the beeding and avoid the blood to get into his eyes. I grabbed a clean cloth to place onto the wound and pressed harder to stop the bleeding. Then carried him upstairs, no clothes bes, while calling for aunt shouting, “anglaki ng sugat ni King ante!”. She hurriedly came and helped me to do some first aid procedures to clean the wound and put a handkerchief (it should be a bandage, or a triangular napkin to be used. I only have bandage but not handy so I get the handkerchief).

After placing the hankerchief, there he is. Seems like nothing happened and even got the nerve to dance and jump while watching his movie he calls “princess” — Trolls! haha He was even more excited when he saw us preparing to go out (bring him to the emergency) Oh man, he hurriedly wore his shorts and shoes and said “tara na” (let’s go). I was like.. ughhh.. should I laugh or cry? haha

At the hospital, doctors and nurses immediately assisted us. Feels like it’s a big big risk! I felt nervous with that… but NO! I must stay calm! So I courteously asked, Doc, what would be the possible prodedures? They explained to us and gave us options.

While waiting, King started running around the emergency again, In and out of the comfortroom. Yes, he like the CR tsk tsk tsk haha
The wound was 2mm deep and 1.5 inches. Oh man, he had four stitches.

Can you imagine yourself holding your son on the head while the two nurses and doctors were holding his body while the doctor was doing the procedure? Can you endure seeinng the blood of your son flowing through his face? Can you stand watching and hearing your son screaming for pain saying “no, no, stop, pleaaaaase”?

Well, maybe you could because I did but I’m pretty sure you don’t want to go that far.

What I am grateful of?

I am so grateful that it is just what happened to my son. I mean, nothing so serious or critical. Grateful I am for having the knowledge and confident giving him first aid, if I didn’t I don’t know who could help us immediately. And so soooo grateful that my son is brave enough for it.

My regrets

This is what have been bothering me since he got wounded.

I, his mother, a licensed Financial Advisor didn’t gave him enough coverage. I should have been no hesitation of bringing him to any of the best hospitals in the city if his coverage was enough. He is insured. Yes, he also is covered with my PhilHealth but it can’t be use in the ER, unless he will be confined. I am just thankful that I have saved some peny and won’t make utang again… and for having a supportive family. It is only today that I truly understand what it is meant by underinsured.

Lesson Learned

Being a single mom is never easy, NEVER! But there is NO excuse for not being the best parent we could be for our kids. We have to equip and educate ourselves to give the life we want for our kids.

Like those simple first aid procedures which I learned when I was on my Junior high šŸ™‚ (Thanks, dear Alma Mater).

We have to be  prepared on whatever the circumstances may bring. Accident  happens anytime, either when we are watching them or not.

Do you have experienced  like this as a mom/parent?

Let us hear from you too. Share your story here!


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