To My Papa

My father is not the typical father or most of our fathers are like.
When I was little, I remember him teaching me: draw – I still remember that specific moment wherein he was teaching to sketch a snake that is circling itself in a trunk. When I got older up to now, tried doing it but I can’t do it anymore haha (I was a good artist back then)

He is the best father I’ve ever known. He was my first teache.

What I love about him the most?

That is, he is my father and no one can change that.

As we grow up, we are thought that it is bad/wrong to answer back or give reason when the elders or our parents is scolding us. I remember this friend of mine when her father asked her why she has failed grades… when she answered and about to explain, her father got mad and said how dare is she to answer back! My father doesn’t do that hehe

When I was a junior high, my grades were getting low and my rank on the class achievers went to fourth place from the usual first place. At the dining table, he called me. I saw him holding my card and so I started crying—because of fear. Fear that he will scold me, that he gets mad at me but he didn’t. He asked me why am I crying? I didn’t answer. What is happening to you, he continued. I didn’t answer again. “Sarah, I am talking with you so, answer me”. I cried with relief.

Since then, I told myself that my voice matter. That I should be heard and learn to listen to others too.

And I think that is one of the most important things one child must know. That WE MATTER. Our voice are important too.

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads and has a role like a dad. 

Papa, thank you so much for everything. 


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