Good Thing: He Made Me Cry 

Today, I want to tell you about my bestfriend. And no, I will not build his image to you… you might want to steal him from me 😉 haha jk

Exactly two years ago, I met this guy who really changed my life.

You want to know about it? Keep reading 😀


My Not So Ala Cinderella Story


I was at the worst, worst, worst part of my life… like no dreams (forgotten at least), no more hope, no more self-love, self respect… name them! I totally forgot and neglected myself.

Then once upon a time, on the busy evening before the clock turns to 12:00 AM, I got a message saying, “Hey, Sarah! This is blah from blah blah. Just arrived in Makati. Would you like to have some coffee”? I was like who the hell is this and how did he get my number? Coffee in the middle of the night?! But guess what… I did met him 😁

I wasn’t used to meeting anyone, especially those pipz online, it’s actually my first time! I can hear my heart pounding like digidig-digidig! I was so nervous!  When the door opens, there he was with a big sweetest smile with a “Hello! Nice meeting you, Sarah” and oh my! We’re making beso! 😂 ang arte bes😅 So we spent the night talking, dancing few steps of salsa, and yeah… me drama… I mean crying, literally. And that was like after years of my life, I felt rested.
What made me cry? 

He simply asked me the simple question: How do you see yourself in five from now? I got no answer… as in zero. What would it be? I got no plans. Yeah… he got me there 😭😭

I didn’t saw that coming. Meeting a guy for the first time and he will ask you that question? Sounds like a job interview haha How about you, do you have an answer to that now? 

I don’t want to make this long so I will reserve the rest of the story on my next blog. I hope that you too have met the  catalyst of your life.




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