“I Am Not What They Think I am”

TODAY,  I’ve witnessed so much ways of “acts of kindness” and known how life turns upside down.

When I gave birth to my first at a very young age while in college, I was in the “hot seat”. I am the “hot topic” of every group or two even when they were working. For them, I was a big failure, bad influence, and shouldn’t be an example to every youth. 
My mother comes home thinking twice if she could tell me those, with sadness and pain in her eyes. My father was quietly playing my daughter. I’ve seen how my sisters affected of me being a teenager mom. They were judged that they will follow what I did. I’ve accepted every words… crying everyday but I told myself “I am not what they think I am”.  And so, when I was given a chance to get out of the place… I did. 

To my surprise,  when our relatives visited us today. I’ve learned that almost all of those who “crucified” me for my “mistakes”, there kids did the same and even worse than what I have been through.  

That made me realized that:
1. They wasted time. Yes, they wasted their time watching me and judging me and talking about me instead of looking after their kids. They should’ve spent it educating them which is which.
2. We don’t know what’s ahead of us. We have all our timezones. It may not their time yet which was my time… and now it’s theirs.  So instead of pulling each other’s down, we should lift each other up.
3. There’s is no permanent in this world. Never stop dreaming and moving forward. Good times  may pass and so shall bad times. 
4. Respect each other. We are not in a position to judge someone over the things we see and know. We doesn’t  really know what’s the reason behind and definitely doesn’t want others to judge us too.
I am thankful to God, to my family and friends for being with me in the process.


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