His Love Protects Me From Him

I am the happiest when I’m with him. I feel I’m  the most beautiful of all… I know… of all people told me that (I am pretty), I felt insulted but when it came out from his mouth… I believed I am beautiful inside out.

There’s no enough words to describe how it feels being with him. I always grow, know myself more and love every little insecurities that I have.

I feel safe… yes, it felt safe around him. Being hold and hug so tight by his reassuring and comforting arms is my favorite. Then sleep while my head is on his chest listening to his heartbeat or simply my head on his arms and nose to his underarms.. 🙂 haha I love it!

Until one day, I noticed he was keeping distance to me. I assumed and believed of what he said that he’s busy.. I really hope he really was…

I woke up one day that I didn’t know him anymore. No more deep talks and only me who was trying to keep the connection.  I was afraid and angry that I might lose him… that he will leave me. Then it happened, he found someone else. He left me.

He left me because he’s protecting me. He’s protecting me from him. And only him knows the why.
He’s loving me the best way he knows… and I love him too.


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