Why I love the “Beauty And The Beast”?

Today, it sounds like so impossible and more like a fantasy.

Now I know why I love this movie so much. Why I keep on believing someone to change (I won’t change the person) to find his way back to who he really is… the better him.
Now I know why I keep on believing that there is always something good in a person despite of all the rumors or even bad truth about him.
Now I know why I keep on looking for the reason why a person doing such things to better understand him than judging him.
Yes I do. Because that person once were me.. and it could be you too.

Tell me, didn’t you ever did something wrong with your whole life? Who was there for you? Do you really know truth or the whole story? Or just the ”truth” that he/others told you? Do you know where he’s coming from? If you were on his shoes, what WORST can you do?

This person you’re saying a beast, bad person, irresponsible blah blah whatever you call needs to feel loved, supported, cared… he deserves all the best like you.. he doesn’t need anymore hate and judgement.
Yes.. there’s always good with everything. As everything happens for a reason. We may not know the reason now and it really is impossible and unacceptable to even think that there is something good at worst times but… BELIEVE! Someday soon, you’ll find out why.
Have faith!



Credit to the owner of the photo


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